Business process
re-engineering contractor (BPR)

Why SOLE Factor?

  • Our Credibility: We have serviced both small and multi million dollar companies into radical productive innovative change.
  • Our Industry Knowledge: We are constantly introducing the latest concepts, techniques and dynamic tools.
  • Our Experience: We have been over 10 years in business process re-engineering and over 30 years in the business of process design.
  • Our Proven Techniques: We prepare you to be a successful process practitioner you will be confident in predictions that positively moved the business forward.
  • Our Value: We have seen the companies we work with experience 100's of 1000's of dollars saved directly to the bottom line.
    With an added early management system able to predict profit loss before it happens!

Cut the overhead,
Build the profit.

Sole Factor has years of experience
and research that has saved
companies millions of dollars in
waste and labor costs.
Targeting key points such as Labor
and waste dollars being lost off the
production line we will teach you new
ways to prevent that loss and
put them into action.

What we offer :

  • Business process re-engineering.
  • Full production line automation.
  • Continued education.
  • Millwright contracting.
  • Part design and manufacturing.
  • Innovative research on new concepts and machinery.
  • Project management training.
  • Production line simulation.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Studies on increased value short and long-term.